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What To Do When You Feel Stuck, Frustrated, Lost & Beaten In Your Design Business

By October 11, 2015 3 Comments

I’m sitting here with literally 1,027 brilliant ideas buzzing around in my (slightly hungover) head, totally fucking frustrated as HELL because I want to do them all RIGHT NOW and…


Instead of just starting with one like any sane normal person would, I find myself learning more, reading more, signing up to more programs, logging into old programs, reading emails, jumping on Facebook etc to do MORE fucking research, getting comparinitis and feeling beaten yet AGAIN all because this EVIL voice inside of my cloudy head is saying:

“Who are you to play big like some kind of ‘expert’ — people won’t take you seriously.”

“You’re fat, you haven’t lost enough weight yet — people won’t believe you have your shit together if you can’t even lose 5kg’s.”

“You’ve been quiet for this past year — you’ve lost people’s trust.”

“You got scammed by your business partner — you wouldn’t have let that happen if you were smarter.”

“You’re not running your business as good as you tell people you are — just face it.”

“You don’t know as much as you think you do — they’ll think you’re a fraud.”


…I’ve built a hugely successful 7-figure web design business with 2000+ websites under my belt.

EVEN THOUGH I’ve sent out single emails that have generated over $35k in sales.

EVEN THOUGH I’ve sent out other emails that brought in 17 leads in one day.

EVEN THOUGH I got up at 5am every morning this week, went to the gym, smashed the weights, ate right, had 3 x saunas, fasted for 16-hours every day and felt great… and probably did lose some weight this week.

EVEN THOUGH I’m creating a revolutionary new software and program for entrepreneurial kick-ass rockstar designers just like YOU.

EVEN THOUGH I pulled another 100-hour week, finished a wicked pitch document and are just about to be fully funded so I can make my wildest dream EVER a reality. (That’s for you btw).

I still had this really nasty bitch show up today trying to (once again) derail me saying….

“You’re not good enough.”

She’s my inner critic.

And she’s one nasty-fucking-bitch-of-a-thing I tell ya.

She gets in my head at times, well most days actually, takes over my thoughts and I become a bitch from hell.

A total asshole.





And nasty.

It’s the self-doubt, the lack of self-love, and self-care, uncertainty, fear of not being liked, sense of lack, self-limiting beliefs — basically my mindset.

Well that and the entrepreneurial DNA rushing through my blood pushing me to be better, faster, stronger, richer, happier, sexier, funnier, smarter etcetera fucking etcetera.

You know how it is.

You’ve got the same DNA.

You’ve got the bug.

The bug that makes you say “no” to dinner parties with friends because you promised that client you’d have their logo finished by Monday and you haven’t started it yet.

The bug that forces you to make incredible sacrifices that no sane person would do, but sacrifices that at the same time just don’t match your bank balance.

The bug that when even down to your last $10, still won’t listen to the voice of reason that tells you to go and get a job and just be ‘normal’.

It’s only reserved for the 1% but at times, it’s that same bug that destroys all our highest hopes, dreams, happiness and freedom.

Do you know how to fix it?

That voice inside your head that’s holding you back from living the fucking fanastical life you were born to live?


You do something, anything, whatever it takes to put your message out there to the world, right this minute.

You take unapologetic, authentic, raw, heart-fuelled fucking ACTION my friend.


You show up, put your gloves on, go into the ring of battle, and you fight.

You fuck that negative, criticising, whining bird off your shoulder and you fight for what you know you deserve.

If you want more CLIENTS, you go out there and hustle your ass off until you get them. (You know how to, you don’t need to ‘learn’ anything, you just need to get out of your own way and make this shit happen.)

If you want to make more MONEY, get on your computer right now and send an email to your clients with an offer.

If you want to be HAPPIER, choose to be happier right now and go do something that lights you up.

If you want FREEDOM, get a notepad and pen and write down exactly what that looks like for you RIGHT THIS MINUTE, then start taking small steps to start living that life NOW.

This post is me taking the ACTION I need to take to make my dreams a reality.

On a Sunday.

In my pyjamas.

With a hangover.

I needed to do this to get out of my funk.

I needed to do this to take my dreams and bitch-slap them into reality.

I needed to do this because my whole life is dedicated to helping you become a digital rockstar and yet my inner critic keeps pushing me back in the shadows.

Because here’s the thing…


13 years in the school of hard knocks has taught me that.

And getting your head right is such an important first step.

So fuck you inner critic BITCH!

I’m out, and I don’t care if people don’t like me. This is ME. Warts, faults, mood swings, F-bombs and all.

And this is just the beginning.

I’m making a public declaration to you right now, to share everything I know about running a successful 7-figure web company, about all the mistakes I’ve made, all the systems, the tools, the sales funnels, the emails, the success secrets, the hacks, the mindset shifts required — THE LOT.

To get this show on the road, I’ve just created a secret Facebook group for us all called ‘Foxley Rockstars’ where I’m going to share weekly How To videos on how we run our 7-figure web business, how we consistently sell 30 websites a month, how I send emails that generate $30K in sales and MORE,  to show you how to rock the shiz out of YOUR biz. I want to help you have the life of your dreams and this is really just my way of being there for you. I’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have to! 

If you want in, click here to get access and let’s have some fun.

You were born for this.


Author Bianca Board

After 20 years inspiring more than 10,000 designers and small business owners to take control of their business, Bianca is now spearheading Foxley, a brand spanking new SaaS platform for designers. She is deeply passionate about helping distil the complexities of running a web design business - to make it easier for all designers to make the leap from designer to design entrepreneur. She’s a translator of web jargon, a lead generation master, a champion for small businesses and you can Google her brain for endless strategies on how to transform your business.

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  • Gail Maynard

    oh bummer!

    Tried to go to the FB page and got the message below! I LOVE your honest, funny writing, F bombs and all. I’m really looking forward to Foxley. Here in the US WordPress has such a strong hold I was hoping you could write a nice side by side bullet point comparison as to why a client would want their designer to use Foxley instead (and why it’s better than something like Wix). Even clients here are realizing it is now the industry standard – but don’t realize how complex the back end can be.



    • Hi Gail,

      Oh nooo, rookie error, my bad! I’ve just fixed it and would LOVE for you to join us

      And thank you for allowing me into your world, warts and all. Posts like this are always confronting but we all know that’s where the magic happens — if it were easy to have the courage to go it alone, I guess everyone would do it.

      I already have a comparison table on Foxley & WordPress I had to do a few months back which I can bang together into a blog post for you. What a great idea! Thank you for suggesting it!

      I’ll see you over in the group!

  • Lily Hattingh

    Love it!!

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