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9 Free ‘Non-Stock’ Photos Sites

By January 7, 2014 7 Comments
Are you as sick of stock photography as I am? Don’t get me wrong, stock has its uses, but organic images beat stock every time.
So here’s a list of 9 copyright-free sites for you to use. Enjoy!
    These guys supply 10 new high-resolution photos every day. The images look good, and more importantly they look ‘real’.  Check them out.
    This is a cool idea, you just synch a DropBox folder to these guys and every 10 days you get photos delivered straight into it. They do source their images from Unsplash, but if you like DropBox then it saves you from having to download the 10 daily images.
    A nice little site that will send you 7 zipped and high-res images straight to your inbox every 7 days.
    Released under a creative commons license, you can use their images just so long as you give them credit. They have a lot of geological and nature shots which are quite interesting.
    An awesome site for the retro-lovers among us. You can find a resource of vintage photos from the Public Archives that they believe to be free of copyright restrictions. But, as always, exercise some caution and at least credit the source where you can.
    This is a photo-sharing platform powered by free-to-use Instagram photos. Some images are going to be hit and miss, but have a dig, you never know what you’ll find!
    The name of the website should say it all! They hate stock photography and they’re making themselves a resource to start using organic, beautiful images. All you do is sign-up with your email and you’re good to go.
    These were all taken by Ryan McGuire of Bells Design and although a few of these images do look a tad ‘stock-ish’, you’ve got to give Ryan a big thank you for his lovely images which are all copyright-free.
    Another site run by a solo photographer, Viktor Hanacek, who wants to share his images with you, totally free of copyright. A free photo is released every day, so if you like the look of his work, it’s worth signing up.

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I’m giving a shoutout since they did most of the legwork for this blog. Unfortunately their site went down shortly after I linked to them on my Facebook page, so I thought I’d reproduce the list so we can continue to benefit from it.

Found a free ‘un-stocky’ photo site not on this list? 

Let me know in the comments below if you discover any more free photo sites that offer quality images that aren’t your typical stock-photo.

What do you think? Share your comments below.


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  • Aaron Lee

    I found a brilliant site:, they offer a huge range of them, stock some maybe but they do have some hidden gems amongst them.

  • Rivera Vicenza

    Hi Bianca, nice list. But can you make the link to other site open in new tab? I get annoyed when clicking one of this link while still reading and then brought away to other site in current tab. Yeah I can right click and choose open in new tab but do it on every links is kinda annoying too :). But anyway thanks for the good article

    • Hi Rivera and thank you for the suggestion. Actually makes a lot of
      sense. I’ve got one my technical geniuses working on it right now.

      Appreciate the feedback. Have a nice day. 🙂

  • Benita G Duff

    Thank you Bianca for all your excellent advice and help.

  • Valerie St. John

    Bianca, you’re the best. A warm belated thanks for the “non-stock” photo posting.

  • Hi,
    Also check out for thousands of unique public domain photos, especially travel photos. Appreciate it if you could add it to your list. Thanks.

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