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Fed up with inconsistent, D‑class clients who don’t pay you what you’re REALLY worth?

When’s your next client deadline? Next week…tomorrow…tonight?

Whenever it is, STOP WORRYING right now.

Read every word on this page. Especially if you have no deadline because you have NO CLIENTS right now.

Spend 5 minutes reading this now and we promise you it will save you the next 18 months worrying about new clients and growing your amazing business.

I’m about to show you something that no-one in the web design world has ever done.

So if any of these feel uncomfortably familiar to you…

  • Worrying whether your web design skills are good enough to land great clients…
  • Sitting anxiously in the monitor glow of your home office late at night, fretting about how you’re going to pay the bills…
  • Thinking going freelance has been a huge mistake (maybe your partner or friends were right…)
  • Having more work than you can handle one week…and then an eerily empty inbox (and little income) the next…
  • Feeling like you’re just not cut out for the gig — and maybe it’s time to throw in the towel and get a ‘real’ job…

If you know these problems all too well…

This is for you

Because the freelance web designer’s life — YOUR LIFE — doesn’t have to be like this.
In fact, it shouldn’t.

And starting today, I’m going to help you leave that anxious, uncertain life behind.

What if I told you that just 90 days from now, you could generate up to 393 top-notch potential clients (and bring in up to $36,035 worth of fresh business)?

In 2013, I decided to set up a new system for getting web design clients. Because after 10 years of toiling away as a freelancer… I’d had enough of chasing prospects and getting paid less than what I’m worth.

So I took a risk — I designed a new way to find great clients. It took years of painful trial and error. But… On 13 February 2016, I sat down at my computer and switched on my final version of my new system.

What happened next is — and I’m not exaggerating when I say this…

The single most powerful revelation I have ever had as a web design business owner.

Within 2 weeks, eight new clients had hired me to design their website.

Within just two weeks, EIGHT new clients had hired me to design their website.

And the month that followed, another SIX clients hired me.

In the space of just that first week, I’d brought in more than $36,000.

Think about that for a second.

That’s almost $5,100 worth of fresh design work each day.

And these weren’t the hit-and-miss clients you’re probably used to.

These were clients who appreciated great web design.

Businesses who needed my skills…

Who needed an expert web designer NOW…

And who had the budget to pay me bigger fees than I had ever charged before.

Since rolling out this system, we’ve doubled our base web design rates.

It’s impossible to overstate how amazing this felt.

Imagine swapping your anxious freelance uncertainty for that kind of ability to, well…

Generate precisely the type of web design clients you need to grow your business… virtually on demand.

Let me make this clear to you right now. I’m offering YOU this very same ability today.

The fact you’re reading this page means you’re ready to grow as a freelance web designer. Maybe you’re moonlighting as a freelancer. Trying to build up a big enough client list to ditch your full-time job.

Perhaps you’ve already gone out on your own. You’re still trying to get a handle on the gig…and you’re swinging between manic excitement (FREEEEEEDOM!) and crippling self-doubt.

Or maybe you’re already doing pretty well for yourself. You’ve carved a nice little niche… and now you’re looking for a way to rapidly scale your business higher.

No matter where you see yourself in the freelance food chain…

You’re about to get access to the exact same systems and tools I created to liberate myself from the designer doldrums.

In short, this is what I’d like to offer you today:

I’m going to walk you through EXACTLY how I went from a frustrated freelancer to the owner of a web design empire, which has since created more than 3,000 beautiful websites and brought me more than $9 million in revenue.

You’ll see how I attracted my leads… how I convinced them of my value and inspired them to get in touch…how I nurtured their interest… and, best of all, how I packaged this process up into a system that LITERALLY brings me fresh web design clients while I sleep.

First, though, who the hell am I to tell you about YOUR business?

Hi, I’m Bianca Board. I was once where you are right now.

I’m the founder and CEO of Foxley.

I’ve been on one hell of a journey the last 15 years as I became a master of my own web design business.

I took a lot of courses. Made a LOT of mistakes…

And spent a fortune on coaches and experts.

The whole time I was struggling as a freelancer, I wished I had a roadmap. A blueprint. Some kind of manual to follow.

Something that laid out, pure and simple, EXACTLY what I needed to do to get the flow of great clients I needed to grow my business and build the life I wanted.

But it didn’t exist.

Until now.

My Foxley team and I have created that roadmap so that you don’t have to go through that grueling process yourself.

We’ve templated tools. Created systems. Rounded up mentors. Built a like-minded community.

All to help you find your dream clients, be paid what you’re worth and be proud of the business you’ve created.

Foxley Business is the ultimate shortcut for web designers who want to build profitable business on their own terms.

Introducing the first 80% done‑for‑you web design marketing system

Today I’m beyond excited to be able to introduce

Mountains of Clients

A proven marketing system to attract dream clients and master your web design business.

Bypass 170+ hours of trial and error

This is a plug and play marketing system for web design freelancers.

We give you the lessons, done-for-you resources, the system, roadmap, a community, program manager and mentor to guide you through getting clients-on-tap!

80% done-for-you, 20% customised to your business

Lead magnets, landing pages, conversion tools, scripts, email campaigns, copywriting.

EVERYTHING you need to create an automated marketing system that works. It’s all specific to web design — not some blanket template you get in online courses.

Learning by doing

We believe in becoming masters of our business and life. And to master anything, you need time. Time to learn, time to implement, digest, test and perfect.

Mountains of Clients is a tightly structured 12-week adventure (you’ll commit just an hour a day to our modules).

The 90-day secret behind Mountains of Clients

Mountains of Clients is all about learning by DOING.

The only way I was able to build my business up to $9 million…

And get to a point where I could generate more than $35,000 worth of client work in just two weeks…

Was to take ACTION.

You can take all the courses and listen to all the gurus you want.

But most of the time, they just distract you with big promises and vague plans… when what you should be doing is actively working on your own business.

So we’ve created Mountains of Clients to help you do in weeks what’s taken me years to achieve in my own business.

Twelve weeks, to be exact.

Foxley adventures run in 90-day sprints.

We call them ‘adventures’.

Because we’ve created them to be fun and to take you somewhere you’ve never been before.

Why 90 days?

Well, I’ve been running my web business in 90 days sprints for years.

It’s the best way to stay focused on setting and hitting specific goals…

While freeing yourself from overwhelm and distraction.

THIS 90-day adventure is about giving yourself a proven system you can plug straight into your business.

It’s the roadmap and toolbox you need to rid yourself of business anxiety and start propelling yourself forward to a WAY more profitable and less stressful future.

Time to stop going it alone

When you join Mountains of Clients, you’re joining a private community of designers just like you.

People with the same problems — and desire to fix them — as you.

People like Arthur Bobrow, of Yipes Media.

“ I did more for my business in two days than I’d done in seven years. I cannot thank Bianca and her team at Foxley enough for their knowledge, support and strategies — they just make things happen. Sometimes you just need that push to steer you in the right direction, that’s Foxley!  I signed up as I knew I would get actionable outcomes. But had no idea I would come out with a complete done-for-me lead magnet to capture leads…and drive more sales. Foxley makes the difficult simple and, more importantly, actionable. Without a doubt years of learning in a snapshot done for you.”

Through group learning and regular check-ins, you’ll achieve more in 90-days than your competitors will in a whole year.

You’ll join a private group of like-minded designers, encouraging you and sharing their ideas and advice.

You’ll also get a Foxley mentor to guide you through your 90-day adventure at every step of the way.

12 weeks to freelance freedom – Here’s how you’ll tackle your Foxley adventure

Week 1
Week 1: Sales funnel base camp

Map out the ultimate sales funnel to put your marketing on autopilot.


Form a circle. Huddle in. It’s time for your pre-trek group briefing.

Let’s go over what’s to come, the formula for creating a ready to buy pool of prospects, and all the things you need to know about mapping your own sales funnels.

You’ll get the exact sales funnel blueprint we’ve used to generate $9m in revenue in our web design business.

You’ll learn how to create amped up campaigns in a fraction of the time.

Done-for-you resources:

  • Freedom Funnel Blueprint Template (Word)
  • Freedom Funnel Roadmap (PDF)
  • Client Avatar Fun Sheet (Word)
  • Sample Done-For-You Avatars and Personas (Word)
Week 1
Week 2
Week 2: Killer Lead Magnet Gear Up

How to become irresistible to a pool of A-class clients.

Week 2

Get your gear on. Strap on your boots. Get ready to take your first step and put yourself out there.

We’ll look at the different ways to identify and address your prospect’s burning pains so they feel like you’ve just handed them a gold plated Ferrari, the unspoken rules for creating bribes that convert, and the rookie mistakes you can avoid.

No idea where to start when it comes to creating a lead magnet that will actually work? No worries.

Everyone can write. Everyone can develop a voice. And everyone can create a killer magnet after they complete this action-packed trip.

Done-for-you resources:

  • Various done-for-you lead magnets (Illustrator)
  • 101 Wickedly Good Fill-In-The-Blank Title Formulas (PDF)
  • How To Create a Killer Lead Magnet Workbook (Word)
Week 3
week 3: Landing Page Visitor Centre

Create ultra-effective landing pages that convert more visitors into leads.


Ever go to those landing pages that seems to suck you right in? Every word, font choice, image and testimonial seems to serve a purpose — they speak straight to you.

You know the ones I’m talking about. One scan of the page and your mind is saying ‘You can’t live without this, your world will end. How on earth is this free?! Get it now! Now!!!’

A lot goes into an effective landing page, more than most think. It’s not as easy as pick a template, add some words and dangle your carrot.

After setting up countless landing pages and sales funnels over the years, I’ve tested them ALL and pinpointed the best tools to use, and the best practice to follow.

I’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. You’ll bypass years of researching, testing and optimising and implement only the MOST EFFECTIVE methods straight out of the gates.

Done-for-you resources:

  • Landing page anatomy cheat sheet (PDF)
  • Landing page templates (ClickFunnels)
  • Landing page copywriting templates (Word)
  • 39 Point Landing Page Go Live Checklist (PDF)
Week 3
Week 4
week 4: Conversion Tool Crossroads

Your secret weapon to quickly crunch and convert.

Week 4

The lead magnet is one thing. It’s what you do straight after people opt in that matters.

The single most important (and often forgotten) piece of sales funnel is the success page.

You’ll learn exactly how to position yourself as an expert, how to build instant trust and rapport, and how to craft a compelling time bound offer prospects will be falling all over you for.

Done-for-you resources:

  • Success page templates (ClickFunnels)
  • Success page copywriting templates (Word)
  • BONUS: Client Pickup Kit
Week 5
week 5: Automation Ridge

Band-Aid your blisters, this trek will be worth it. Clients on demand await.


It’s easier to navigate than you think. Just put one foot in front of the other and follow along with your guide.

We’ve got the tools to help you configure your landing pages, opt-in forms and emails so that they all talk to each other seamlessly.

Use our proven done-for-you email template to deliver a great first impression to prospects, along with their mighty new lead magnet.

Get the exact maps to successfully set up opt-in forms, lists, segments and delivery emails so you can switch off and let nature take over.

Hosting, testing, automation, we’ll make sure all your tools are like best mates at happy hour around a campfire.

Done-for-you resources:

  • Lead magnet delivery email template (Word)
  • Automation tech setup cheat sheet (PDF)
Week 5
Week 6
week 6: Email Nurturing Incline

Use your whistle to attract attention. No life jacket required.

Week 6

If you feel like a plane-wreck every time you sit down to write an email, put on your mask, take a deep breath, put your seat back and relax.

Your host will be with you shortly to upgrade your email copy to priority first class. All the way.

Make the difficult grind of getting prospective new clients to know, like and trust you via email a snap. Simply fill in the blanks. Follow the prompts. And watch in awe as you become a client magnet.

Save 20+ hours writing, designing and setting up an effective email nurturing campaign to run on autopilot turbulence free.

Done-for-you resources:

  • 5-Part email nurturing sequence (Word)
  • Email sequence roadmap (Word)
  • 9 Tips for writing emails people want to read (PDF)
  • 23 Powerful subject line formulas (Word)
  • Fill-In-The-Blank Writing Prompts (Word)
Week 7

Pitch your tent. Light your fire. We’re about to curl up and get cosy with your communication.


Learn how to optimise your site and create a buzz. Make it work while you sleep.

The trap that a lot of people fall into (me included before I learnt the hard way), is to spend the majority of their time creating content – and not a lot of time promoting it.

The golden rule? 20% creation. 80% promotion.

It’s time to start sharing your lead magnet with the world to get your message out there.

Done-for-you resources:

  • Website banner ad templates (Photoshop)
  • Sales copy templates (Word)
  • Social graphic templates (Photoshop)
Week 7
Week 8
week 8: Traffic Strategies Travel Buddy

It’s about to start raining clients. Pick up the pace. The top is in sight.

Week 8

Reach that next level with a bit of extra help from new and existing networks.

The right way to do email marketing to leverage off existing client networks, build your tribe and make people feel so special, they rave about you to friends.

I’ve sent hundreds of thousands of emails now to prospects, strangers, clients and everyone in between so I’m sharing my very best promotional email campaigns to get your lead magnet in the right hands, the right way.

Done-for-you resources:

  • Various promotional emails (Word)
  • Various outreach emails (Word)
Week 9
week 9: lookout

Implementation week


Stop rest and reflect. (Or catch up.) The end is near.

If you’ve kept in step with us so far, just kick back and enjoy the view.

If you’ve fallen behind, now’s the time to catch up.

Nobody gets left behind…

You’ll be so excited to be actually working on your business that you’ll cherish the extra week to get everything up to scratch with me by your side.

There won’t be any new content during this implementation week, so you’ll have the week to catch up and finish your action items, ask additional questions in the live Q&A office hours, or even give yourself a mini-break before we dive into one of my favourite topics… Facebook Ads!

Week 9
Week 10
week 10: Facebook Ads Ascent Prep

Write and design effective Facebook ads that gets clients clicking.

Week 10

Facebook ads can be so powerful to generate low cost leads for web business. In fact it’s amazing for ANY business.

But there’s a real art to getting it right – as it requires you to use both your analytical and creative powers.

If that sounds slightly scary, don’t worry. You just need to know what you’re doing. And with this trip, you will.

If you’ve never setup a Facebook ads campaign before, or you don’t even have a Facebook business page yet, this trip will have you geared up and ready to hit the ground running in a week.

Done-for-you resources:

  • Facebook done-for-you Ad templates (Photoshop & Illustrator)
  • Facebook ad copy templates (Word)
  • 54 Knockout Facebook ads swipe file (PDF)
  • Facebook Ads design cheat sheet (PDF)
Week 11
week 11: Facebook Ads Final Climb

Setup and manage an effective Facebook campaign for as little as $10 per day.


Avatars, budgets and pixels – set up a winning Facebook campaign that brings your dream clients to you.

Never used Facebook ads before? No idea what you should spend? Afraid you’ll stuff it up and waste money? With this trip, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Facebook ads guru in no time.

How to use the Facebook pixel, custom audiences, setting budgets, tracking metrics…

We cover it all in this jam packed final lesson week to start pouring mountains of clients into your sales funnel.

If you’ve never even heard of the Facebook pixel before, it’s okay. By the end of this trip you’ll know exactly how to make the most of Facebook ads instead of throwing money down the drain.

Done-for-you resources:

  • Facebook audience cheat sheet (Word)
  • Facebook ads setup cheat sheet (PDF)
Week 11
Week 12
week 12: summit

You made it. Pitch your flag. See how far you’ve come.

Week 12

Look back and enjoy the view. You did it.

This week we party!

Pop the champagne, celebrate all our hard work. Tie off any loose ends if required and reward all your hard work.

There’ll be prizes, awards and recognition all around. Graduation week will be huge!

Because by this point, you have an automatic lead generation system up and running — bringing in fresh business while you focus on your design work.

There’s a lot to cover.

But as I said, an hour a day is all you need to commit.

I’ve created Mountains of Clients to get you on track to an abundance of new clients as efficiently as possible.

This is hands-on, web design-specific material that I promise you is going to help you take MASSIVE strides.

There is no resource in the web design world that comes even close to Foxley’s Mountains of Clients adventure..

And because you’ll have ME mentoring you throughout your 90-day adventure, we do have to cap membership.

That means once we hit capacity we will have to stop accepting new members.

But if you’re seeing this page, it means there is still time to claim your place.

Now, there’s a bunch of other resources I want to give you…

But if you already know this is something you want to do, then click this link right now to secure your spot:

Mountains of Clients Gift #1

Private, members-only Facebook Group

When you sign up for Mountains of Clients today, you’re NOT simply buying another online course.

You’re tapping into a full support network of like-minded web designers who are all trying to get to the same destination as you.

I’ve designed the adventure itself to walk you through every step in you need to take.

But you won’t be going it alone.

You’ll have access to the closed Mountains of Clients Facebook Group.

That means you can ask questions, share ideas and connect with designers on the same adventure with you.

But you’re probably wondering…

How much will you pay to join Foxley’s Mountains of Clients?

If you were to do what I did…as in figure ALL this stuff out for yourself…

Go through the painstaking trial and error…

And create all the emails, landing pages, Google and Facebook campaigns, Adobe CS templates and sales funnel automation yourself…

You’d be looking at about 172 hours of work.

And that’s presuming you have a fair bit of prior knowledge, too.

But you’re a web designer, not an online marketing guru.

So if you include all the time it would take to learn the foundations of lead generation…You’d face HUNDREDS of hours of work.

That’s while keeping on top of everything for your business as it stands today.

So if you’re charging clients $100 an hour…We’re talking about $17,200 worth of your time — or more — to create this system and set your marketing on autopilot.

Mountains of Clients bypasses all that.

Membership is just $399 a month — or $997 if you’d prefer to pay for the full 90-day adventure up front.

Best Value



× 1 Payment

Pay upfront and save $100 with this founding member price.
Plus, lock in preferential rates for life.

///// Most Popular /////



× 3 Monthly Payments

Save over 20% with this founding member price.
Plus, lock in preferential rates for life.

Wallet Friendly



× 6 Monthly Payments

Save over 20% with this founding member price.
Plus, lock in preferential rates for life.

  • You get every document and template I used to elevate myself from struggling freelancer to head of a $9 million web design empire.
  • You get your own personal Foxley Business mentor who’ll check in with you each week to make sure you’re progressing as planned.
  • You get access to our private support group so you can bounce ideas around and learn with other people on the same journey.
  • And you’ll track your own progress with our bespoke iPhone app.

Join Now

Applicable taxes based on your billing location may apply. Pricing is in USD.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

And because nothing like this has ever been done before, your Foxley Business membership comes with a no-obligation 14-day guarantee.

Those 14 days begin from the first day your adventure kicks off — not today when you sign up.

If at any time during this period you feel this isn’t for you, or something else gets in the way, just get in touch and we’ll refund every cent of your membership, no questions asked.

I’m so, so excited to finally be doing this.

This project has been YEARS in the making.

I can’t wait to watch you go through the same process I did to create a steady stream of dream clients and grow my web design business in ways I never would have imagined.

In fact, I’m so keen to have you on board for this adventure, that today I’m prepared to make you an even better offer.

If you sign up to the Mountains of Clients adventure today…



You’ll pay the limited-time price of just $299 a month or $797 if you’d rather pay for the 12 weeks in one go.

Once these first places fill up, we’ll revert to the full price and members will pay over 30% more than you will right now.

Places will fill very fast. Don’t wait.

If you’re still reading this, it’s because you are ready to stop spinning your wheels, and take decisive action to grow your web design business.

Simply click below to go through to our secure order form.

We’ll process your payment and get in touch with you right away about what to do next.

You’ll immediately receive access to the platform and our ‘pre-flight’ training to help you prepare for the adventure itself.

The inaugural Mountains of Clients adventure kicks off on Thursday, 1 December 2016, at 6.00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Join Now

Yes! I’m ready to start generating web design clients on autopilot.

Mountains of Clients Gift #2

Client Pickup Kit
(value $397)

Let’s get one thing straight. You need to create websites that convert leads and sales for your clients because it’s just good business.

Delivering websites that actually work will bring great results for your clients… which will turn them into raving fans that’ll create more referrals and more website sales for you.

There isn’t anything more impressive than dealing with a business that knows their stuff. So, if you want to convert more enquiries into web sales yourself, you’ve got to impress your leads with your expertise.

One way to do that is to offer them a website audit. This will very quickly show them you’ve taken the time to review the good and bad of their existing website… and then you can offer a solution.

First, you’ll need to understand what makes a website successful, and no, it’s not just good looks like those jocks in high school. He who has the prettiest home page does not always win when it comes to web.

As a bonus you’ll get a proven system that’ll make this process a walk in the park. Even if you’ve never had a web design client EVER.

What you get:

  • Audit Master Class: To walk you through the exact system that has helped us sell hundreds of websites.
  • 24 Point Website Audit Checklist: How to identify the most critical factors that go into making a website effective.
  • Email Template & Phone Script Swipe File: You get ALL the email responses on exactly how to notify prospects (in the right way) where their website is failing.
Mountains of Clients Gift #3

Full tech trainings for all the software you’ll master (value $297)

Setting up your automatic lead generation system encompasses a couple of different online tools.

If you haven’t used them before, that’s OK. Because we’re going to guide you through everything you need to know.

The two main platforms you’ll use are ClickFunnels and MailChimp.

These are going to let you create and manage your landing pages… and coordinate your email marketing schedule.

What you get:

  • Tech training for ClickFunnels to walk you through the 39 Point Landing Page Go Live checklist step-by-step.
  • MailChimp tech training to conquer the tricky bits of setting up lists, segmenting lists, and automating email nurturing campaigns. We’ve got all the bases covered.

I’ve tried ALL the landing page software.

I use and recommend the tool I do because I’ve made all the mistakes, and this is what works best.

OK, it’s time to TAKE ACTION

The value in what I’m offering you right now should be self-evident.

No matter where you are in the freelance food chain — moonlighting, going it alone or simply trying to grow an already successful business…

I’m 100% convinced the Mountains of Clients adventure I’ve created for you is the number one investment you can make in your business right now.

How do I know that?

Because everything you’re going to receive and learn — and as you’ve seen, there’s a LOT — is EXACTLY what I used to bring in $36,035 worth of new client work in just two weeks…

And ultimately elevate myself from a struggling, stressed out freelance web designer to the owner of a humming, $9 million business. I haven’t looked back since I implemented the systems I want to give you today.

Remember, if you sign up today, you’ll pay just $299 a month instead of the full $399 others will pay once these first early-adopter places fill up.

Compare that to the more than $17,000 I personally spent working this system out from the ground up over the past three years.

And remember, you’re protected by Foxley’s 14-day refund policy.

Everything you download is yours to keep, by the way, even if you cancel.

I truly believe you have nothing to lose — and everything to gain — by giving this a go.

This isn’t just another one of those online courses you’ve seen, maybe even tried…

This is about learning by doing

Everything is ready for you to put your unique brand and touch on.

Landing pages, marketing emails, EVERYTHING you need to get new business flooding into you while you focus on creating the best work you possibly can for the best clients you’ve ever connected with.

Stop spinning your wheels.

Your adventure begins NOW.

Click the link below and let’s do this!

Join Now


Bianca Board

Founder CEO, Foxley

Still Have Questions?

When does the first adventure kick off?

Foxley Business will progressively release multiple programs (which we call adventures). Our first adventure kicks off on 1 December 2016 and runs for a 90-day sprint – it’s called ‘Mountains of Clients’ and it’s all about about attracting more ideal clients on autopilot.

How is MOUNTAINS OF CLIENTS different from other courses?

Foxley Business is about learning by doing. It’s about taking action, not just theory. We learn and become masters at our business by doing, testing and perfecting.

Plus, learning alone doesn’t pay the bills.

‘Mountains of Clients’ is the very first training of its kind that:

  • Pioneers a magical learning experience through an environment that encourages you to apply what you learn skill-by-skill on your way to deep learning and mastery. Through expert mentor led classes, group learning and weekly check-ins, you stack key skills on top of each other so you apply what you’re learning to your business by doing, rather than just following a blanket step-by-step plan that doesn’t work in the real world.
  • Provides 80% of the work done-for-you so you can stop worrying about all the moving parts that make up an automated marketing funnel, or staring at your screen trying to figure out what to write, and spend your time instead getting results for all your hard work and doing the actual design work which you love.
  • Fast-tracks your success so you can do in weeks what takes most designers years. Bypass trial and error. Eliminate tech overwhelm. Avoid content overload. Be less focussed on consuming mountains of content and more focussed on taking unstoppable action in less time. Lessons and implementation plans are delivered bite-sized in a way that’s integrated to your business in less than an hour a day, cutting your learning time down by up to 95%.
  • Assumes nothing. Quickly takes you from not knowing a single thing about online marketing, to running a highly effective (completely automated) sales funnel that floods your inbox with new potential web design clients that will translate into profits, in just 12 weeks.

What’s the format?

All the program materials, lessons, downloads and implementation plans are provided in a secure online learning platform. You’ll be guided along at every step by your expert mentor and program manager, and also get your invitation to the private Facebook community to meet work alongside other creatives in the same boat as you – all on board for the same adventure.

When you join, you’ll get instant access to your Pre-Flight training to get you prepped and ready for our adventure. You can login to the platform via your desktop, iPad, or even download our app and access it on the go.

Then, when we’re due to takeoff, each week’s video lessons, done-for-you templates, implementation plans and trip notes will be released.

Can I get access to the program all at once or only in pieces?

We will be drip-feeding adventure content on a weekly basis. Lessons and implementation plans are delivered bite-sized in a way that’s integrated into your business in less than an hour a day.

We are deliberating taking this approach:

  • So we don’t overwhelm you and have you turn into a coursewreck fatality.
  • So you can learn, do and master a module each week before we move on.
  • To give you time to digest, chew on, ponder, poke, and play with ideas.
  • So you don’t get distracted and jump around – each module feeds into the next one.
  • So we can support you better – it would be total chaos if everyone were at different stages.
  • So you succeed.

What’s the pricing and payment options?

For our founding members, it’s as little as just US $66.41 per week for your first 12-week adventure.

You have two payment options:

Upfront: US $797 upfront (pay upfront and save 10%) OR

Instalments: US $299 x 3 monthly instalments ($897 total).

You’ll save 170+ hours of setup, years of painful trial and error, and it’s a tiny fraction of the cost of a coach, or your time to do it from scratch, or paying an expert to do it for you.

Applicable taxes based on your billing location may apply. Pricing is in USD.

What other adventures are coming?

We’ve mapped out 16 critical adventures to running a successful and profitable web business. Some might be 30 days, some 60 days and the bigger ones run for 90 days. This is the first of many to come.

We’ll be tackling marketing, sales, project management, retention, mindset, UX, strategy, finance, planning and loads more.

They’re all designed to set them up ‘properly’ once, then move on to bigger and better things so you can grow to the size that you want without killing yourself or your family along the way!

What if I have a question or need support?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We’re here to help you get unstuck.

‘Mountains of Clients’, has regular live Office Hours to complement the online content. At Foxley, we’re all about learning through doing. So each week there will be a little bit of theory to support a LOT of implementation. We’ve prepared some easy-to-follow videos and we’ll be with you every step of the way. You’ll be able to access a new module each week, but to avoid overwhelm, you don’t get access to everything in one hit.

Join the private Facebook community and you’ll meet loads of like-minds who are on the same journey as you are. We totally suggest buddying up with someone to work through each adventure.

Have a look through our FAQs. No luck? Try the Facebook community. If your peers don’t have the answer, the Foxley program community manager will.

We’ll also host webinar-style Q&A sessions every week. For 60-90 minutes you’ll get to ask your expert guide anything at all about the week’s trip. We’ll also record the sessions for those who can’t make it.

Email us at We’re here Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm at Foxley HQ in Melbourne.

Why are places limited?

We are restricting Foxley Business to ensure all designers have a great user experience.   

I'm not a web designer, will this work for me?

While it has been created specifically for web designers, when we ran the live beta we also had graphic designers and marketing peeps. After they finished, they all said they were going to use what they learned for clients and offer it as a service, they all had so much confidence.

The done-for-you resources and templates are can be easily customised for any client or business – it’s just a matter of changing fonts, colours, brand, voice, etc. There will be plenty of designers in the community that would love to help out if you need it.

One of our users said he’s already using all the ad templates for client funnels. We teach you the how and give you the system, but you learn by doing and taking action each week. You’ll be able to apply your hands-on knowledge across almost any business – the rest is rinse and repeat once you know the formula.

If you don’t have an automated marketing system today and you’d like to generate new ideal clients while you sleep, this adventure is a good fit for you!

From an apps perspective, it will help if you (or someone you work with) are familiar with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

What additional products and apps should I budget for?

Mountains of Clients has materials specific to the following products. We’ve included an estimated budget required for each product.

  • MailChimp – $10 per month (Pro required for Automation feature.)
  • ClickFunnels – $97 p/mth (Starts 14 day free trial)
  • Facebook ads – We’ll show you how to vary this budget, but we suggest $10/day to start.

Be sure to check for the latest pricing on each product’s website.

Offsetting costs

We hope to see you achieving a significant return on investment with these platforms.

You may also wish to offset the costs using affiliate links; both MailChimp and ClickFunnels offer reasonably generous programs.

For example, being the funnel expert you will be at the end of the adventure, you could offset ClickFunnels by selling a landing page and funnel product for your clients.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, absolutely… we offer a money back guarantee for cancellations up to 14 days from the start of the adventure.

If you aren’t happy for any reason, just let us know within 14 days from the start of the adventure and we’ll give you your money back. We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you’re even the least bit worried about whether this will work for you, then put your mind at ease. You get to try the first two weeks so you’ll know for sure. Simple!

What happens when the adventure finishes?

You’ll have the option to choose another adventure to continue building your profitable web design business!

If you’re not ready for the next adventure, you’ll automatically be rolled over onto ‘passport’ mode. In ‘passport’ mode you’ll continue to have access to:

  • All the learning materials and done-for-you templates
  • Our private Facebook community
  • Beta group discounts

For a small monthly charge of US $19 (plus GST for Australians).

The next adventure is scheduled to start in early March, so it won’t overlap with ‘Mountains of Clients’.

Will Foxley provide website development and hosting?

Foxley Sites is under development. We’re aiming to launch in 2017, so we’ll reach out when release dates are a bit closer.

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