• Code free, responsive web platform
  • Marketing & SEO success scorecard
  • "Gamification"
  • Client management dashboard
  • Business building toolbox


“Hell is gone and heaven’s here
There’s nothing left for you to fear
Shake your arse come over here
Now scream”


For designers who want a successful business, Foxley is the first design business platform.
Unlike confusing online courses and DIY web builders, Foxley offers the knowledge,
tools and motivation necessary to build a profitable design business on your own terms.

Deliver mean results with our strategy-first web builder.
Smash barriers with business education and full technical support.
Stay motivated with a community backing you up.

Get Smart. Get Foxley.

Beta release is by invite only. Join the band today.

The Why

“Foxley will disrupt the web industry by allowing designers to bypass the developers, the marketers and the SEO teams… they’ll be able to do it all.”

Web design is typically a vastly inefficient process, with designers spending huge amounts of time with complex software building websites for their clients — yet still 80% of websites fail to produce leads.

With average profit margins of just 5.5% for web designers, and a market that’s extremely price competitive, the industry is desperate for disruption. Most web designers lack the expertise, resources, tools and support to build a profitable web business. As price competition becomes fiercer, they’re losing clients to developing nations, forcing them to in turn lower their prices even further.

Foxley is going to change all that. Using a drag and drop, code free platform, designers will be able to create stunning websites in a fraction of the time, all while maintaining total control by keeping the entire process in house. Additionally, Foxley incorporates complex marketing intelligence into a handy scorecard for every individual page.

Using gamification to motivate designers and their clients, websites built on the platform will see an immediate increase in leads, web traffic and sales, allowing designers to differentiate themselves and finally charge what they’re worth.

For designers who want a successful business, Foxley really is the first design business platform.


The ultimate framework to start, run and grow your web business.

Code-free website platform which can be white labelled — the spotlight is all yours.

Built-in marketing scorecard — drive a sell out crowd to all the sites you build.

Proven page templates — save time and increase conversions with optimised templates.

Client management dashboard — manage projects with ease and put your sales on auto-pilot.

Business building toolbox — all the resources and systems you need to rock it on stage.

VIP Support — Phone, email, live chat tech support, business support AND sales mentoring.

Rocking a stage near you late 2016.

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